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I’ve been away from here for quite some time and maybe it’s time to try to get back into it; the blogging that is!  

I have been continuing on my weight loss journey.  So far I’ve gone from the 220+ I started at to just under 170 pounds.  I quit the gym last fall so perhaps I should rename my blog …. although that is how it all began.  

So without further ado here is a pic of me, my folks, my brother and sisters. That’s me on the far left! This was from mid February so I probably should get a more current picture but if you saw my about me page you’ll notice a difference!Image

My mom hit her goal weight a couple months or so ago.  I’ve still got a bit to go! I am so glad spring is here; it’s much easier to get active.  I was at my lowest weight back somewhere around October and have since fluctuated about 5 pounds from there; all in all the maintaining is going okay however I’m not quite to the maintaining stage yet!  

To kick start things I challenged my husband last week to see which one of us can lose the most weight in the next month or so.  This week he won by a small landslide …. but no matter which of us takes off the most weight we both win!


I took from the depths of my closet the only pair of “skinny” pants I owned and they fit today.  I honestly don’t remember ever being able to wear them before but I must have fit in them for at least one day a few years ago.

Finding comfortable pants has always been tricky for me; this pair fits pretty good but hopefully they don’t fit for too long.

So now begins the dilemma; do I buy more pants now or try to get by with these until I lose more weight and need smaller yet?

fat clothes

I think I’ll have to break down and by a few things to get me by for a while. Besides between the JC Penney’s coupon and the Kohl’s cash I must be destined to shop this week!

Just a quick post today but I have to say: Weight Watchers is going great.  I’ve lost 19.2 pounds since I started February 26th.  I weighed in today at 188.6!  Less than a pound to go before I hit the 10% goal; I can surely hit that next week!  I had one week where I didn’t lose any weight but I’ve avoided any gains so far.  I know they will happen in time; but as long as I stick with the program and keep tracking I should continue to see success.

So without further ado: Here is me in October

oct 2012

And here is me today

2013-04-30 002 002 (937x1024)

I still have a way to go, but I think the difference shows; I certainly know I feel better!

So, I did it, I decided to actually diet.  That ugly word that I am sure I said over and over I didn’t need and wouldn’t do.  I’d been losing weight.  Actually I’d gone from the 222 pounds I started at in August  to about 208 pounds in February just by exercising and changing a few habits but I felt like I was in a rut so I decided to join Weight Watchers.

February 26th I went to my first meeting.  Weighing in at 207.6 pounds.  I’ve lost every week so far; in fact it tells me online that I am losing a little too fast.  I weighed in at 195 this past Tuesday!  So happy to get under that 200 mark;  I accomplished that on March 26th just a month after joining.

This weeks meeting was about monitoring activity; hence my pedometer experiment.  Today I did even worse with the pedometer ~ it’s still on the bathroom counter where I placed it last night.  Perhaps tomorrow I will try again to see how many steps I take in a day.


Alas, I’d not forgotten about posting it’s just been busy around here!  At my “assessment” Friday I’d lost 5 pounds.  It was about 5 – 6 weeks I think since I’d had my first measurements taken.  I think the most surprising number to me was the inch I lost at my neck.  Seems like such an odd spot to lose weight but I could tell when Charles took my picture earlier in the week I didn’t look so pudgy.

My trainer, Dustin, keeps suggesting I try the Paleo diet or something of the sort;  I insist I will not.  I love my bread, pasta, corn, and all the other forbidden foods on that type of program.  He tells me how he’s lost 20 pounds in just a few weeks.  I am not convinced; he may have really lost the weight but I disagree with his thoughts on it being healthier for me.  There are draw backs to any deprivation diet.  This one can cause stress on the kidneys.  Others lack essential vitamins and minerals for a generally healthy lifestyle.  I told him portion control is my biggest obstacle and “sampling” at work.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet but I manage an all you can eat buffet with “homemade” food…. I have to taste things throughout the day just to know what it tastes like and for quality control purposes.  Sometimes this leads to unnecessary nibbling though so I try to drink water when those urges hit.  I saw a post on pintrest the other day that said something to the effect of “when a craving hits to eat something you shouldn’t; count backwards from 100 and take a sip of water between each number”… it’s not really possible to do this but after a few sips of water the munchies go away and hydration is good!

So I will work to cut down on my “sampling” and I have eliminated some of the carbs from my diet but I will not take them all away unless it is necessary for my health to do so.