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….and she ran

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Cardio
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I’ve never been a runner, didn’t really like the idea of running, and to be honest never really could run.  Something would hurt; usually my lungs first, then my knees, back, feet … something would join in. Truth be told though if the breathing got rough I’d just quit trying.

I woke up yesterday and I had to run / walk / move.  I’ve been having a really rough week and I decided the only way to get out of my head was to get moving.

I started off walking.  Then I ran; I did this for about 30 minutes alternating between the two. From time to time I threw in some planks and jumping jacks but mostly I walked and ran.    I am sure an avid runner would call what I was doing a mere jog and I am certain I looked ridiculous but for me it was a run and I can only assume it will get better as I go!

So off I go to try this again….justrun


To finish setting up all of my info for my personal training I had to do a mile test today on the treadmill.  I am not a huge fan of the treadmill; it is a bit hard on my feet.  Dustin, my trainer, said to just do what ever speed I was comfortable with varying as needed but to do it quickly.  I managed to do it in just a few seconds over 14 minutes.  I did a combination of jogging and walking.  It was tough making it a mile; my feet hurt the most.  Afterwards he said increasing the incline tilt would help with that a bit.

He took some measurements and had me check my body fat percentage with the hand-held device again.  I did this the first time I had my free training session and it registered at 40+%; today it said 39.5% of course I am sure there is a margin of error but I will assume I am making progress and growing muscles even if my weight hasn’t gone down since my first weigh in about a month ago.