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I wish I’d taken a picture of the frozen yogurt treat I got yesterday.  I knew going in that I wasn’t going to get a full bowl of the frozen yogurt but I was curios how much I’d end up with while trying to get  a sensible portion.

Keep in mind when you check out the nutritional facts that a serving is an ounce …. really an ounce; so for that 30 – 45 calorie range they advertise you get maybe a couple of tablespoons of frozen yogurt …. lol; I’d love to see someone actually do that.  I ended up with what I estimated looked like 1/2 cup but weighed in at 6.9 ounces.  I opted not to get any toppings … I was in it for the froyo!

If I hadn’t read the nutritional facts and I’d fixed my bowl anywhere close to what looked like a “serving” to me I can assume I’d have at least 12 ounces; and that would have been only filling the smaller of the bowls about half way.

I have to admit it was delicious!  Absolutely delicious and on this particular day worth the 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus I estimated it to be (I kept getting different results when I calculated; it may really be as much as 7 but I’m sticking with my 5 estimate). Maybe low in fat but ridiculously high in carbs now mater what kind you get.

I couldn’t even begin to guess how many ounces in this pic from their website …. but as long as you keep a portion size in mind or at least aren’t trying to kid yourself about it being truly healthy go for it!  You only live once!



Friday I have an  “assessment” at the gym;  I will get to see if I’ve made progress since my initial assessment in early September.  He took some measurements and my weight so we will see how much progress I’ve made so far.  I try not to get on the scale often; it really isn’t important to me to worry about that number.  I can see some progress now; if nothing else I can tell by my baggy underwear that things are changing.

I workout six days a week just about every week; no less than five anyway.  I try to mix up my workouts everyday.  I probably don’t focus on weights as much as I should but I do get a lot of cardio and general strength training in so I am getting stronger.

I am not dieting; I try to watch what I eat and make smart choices.  Portions are probably my biggest obstacle; I tend to over eat but I am working on that.  I don’t feel the need to deprive myself of something I want but I can eat less of it.  I also have this thing against artificial ingredients so I choose not to put the so-called “diet” foods into my body.  I or my husband do just about all of my cooking for every meal we eat so I can easily avoid the crap in prepackaged foods.

Anyway, I will post my results good or bad after I meet with Dustin Friday; I have a feeling if nothing else some inches will be gone!