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I worked on another combination workout out that I made up today.  Dustin put a couple of workout sheets in my folder at the gym but I don’t know all of the exercises or at least I don’t know what the names of these exercises mean.  So I went with some I knew and added in a couple he’d shown me that I think I know.  I wasn’t sure on the jumps over the step if I was to lead with one foot or if the goal is to keep the feet together and I had a hard time shuffling side to side while moving the battle ropes.  I started with a couple of minutes on an elliptical machine just to get the body moving.

  • russian twists – 15 – with 8 pound medicine ball
  • battle ropes with side skips ~ 10
  • barbell dead lift squat with raise ~ 10

I did three sets of each then moved on to the next three exercises.

  • bosu running mountain climbers ~ 15
  • side jumps over stepper ~ 12
  • renegade rows with kettlebell~ 10

Again, I did three sets each.  I kicked up the bosu mountain climbers by running through them rather than slowly doing one leg at a time and I managed a bunch of renegade rows with the kettlebell today ~ that made 30 total with each arm!

My heart was really working and I was sweating perhaps more than any other workout I’ve done.  The last three exercises were tough but felt great.  I finished with a 5 minute cool down on the treadmill and some stretches.


Met with Dustin today and I learned a few new exercises.  One of which was the burpees I keep seeing online.

This was my first attempt at them and I think I did pretty well all in all.  I found it a little mind-boggling at first but after a few it seemed to rather flow from one to the next.  I gather from the sarcastic posts and pictures I’ve found that these aren’t a favorite of most but I was quite intrigued so I will likely add them to my workouts too.  I’ve noticed during my research that a push up is thrown in there too so once I get a bit stronger I am going to have to add that.  There seem to be ways to make every exercise harder as I get better!

Had a great training session again today.  We started with some medicine ball stretches; these worked the core muscles, twisting to work the obliques. After getting warmed up I moved to a workout with leg and arm work.

  • barbell squats and raises
  • leg presses
  • ball slams

The barbell work was without weights but I first squatted doing a dead lift of sorts and completed the movement by raising the bar to shoulder level then overhead.  The leg presses were on a machine where you lay on your back and the ball slams we did quickly with a 12 pound slam ball.

After 3 sets of those techniques I moved on to some floor exercises. Bosu ball push ups, planks, and mountain climbers. Medicine ball torso twists and something he called the wiggle worm …. for this while lying on my back I lifted my shoulders off the mat crunched side to side …. very tricky. I finished my session with some step ups with a weighted bar held above my head and some dumbbell chest presses and rows.  Then cooled down on the treadmill and finished with stretches.


I worked my way through the same workout I did a couple of days ago.  I think (no, I know) I made some progress on the flutter kicks.  Still very hard to do and I am sure I still look ridiculous doing it but it will be worth it in the end.

  • 12 wall ball squats
  • 20 seconds battle ropes
  • 15 reps “suitcases” ~ this involves 2 – 10 pound kettlebell and squats
  • 15 bosu crunches
  • 20 seconds fast feet
  • 30 seconds flutter kicks X 2

I forgot the first round to do the flutter kicks twice so I did them 3 times the second round.  I completed 3 sets of everything and finished off with 10 minutes on the treadmill and some stretches.

I still am a bit anxious to notice results although maybe it is starting to show a little.  I got my hair cut short about 3 months ago and in the past few days several of my customers have asked me if I got my hair cut; once I say “yes” they comment that they “knew something was different” ….. I had it trimmed again 2 weeks ago, but still the same style and cut as before and I have seen these people recently.  I am going to assume I am just starting to look better from all this hard work and they just can’t quite put their fingers on it yet.

Met with Dustin again this morning.  He showed me some great exercises and we worked through a routine.  We did quite a bit with weights but he first showed me some core exercises on the fitness ball.

  • fitness ball crunches
  • bicep curls and shoulder presses
  • leg presses, squats, and lunges
  • push ups and planks
  • kettlebell lifts

It’s just a 30 minute session and it goes so quickly that it’s hard to retain everything I’ve learned.  Hopefully I can remember it as I go and he’ll get me a couple of new workouts printed up so that will help refresh my memory too.  I like the challenges and I feel like I am getting the exercise down pretty well.  Near the end of my workout he had me try to lift a kettlebell with one hand while balancing in a plank type position on another.  Not an easy task.  I was sure I’d fall over even though he was stabilizing the kettlebell on the ground.  It also is tricky lifting the 8 kg kettlebell at the end of a good workout; it’s only about 18 pounds but more than enough from that position.

I mixed up my workout a little today just to try another exercise.  I was interested in figuring out this squat / leg press weight machine.  You lean on to it, release the back rest and squat while lifting not only your body weight but also any additional weight you may use.  I only used the weight of me and the machine itself.  I can’t squat very low; partly I think it’s fear of not being able to push back up that drives the inability to go lower but it also gets other muscles working in the upper hamstrings, quads, and glutes that aren’t very well trained yet.  I will have to work on this some more.  I also did some balancing on the bosu like I learned the other day in my training session; a few push ups and planks with knee lifts (obviously I haven’t learned names for everything yet but as I get things figured out I am sure I’ll make more sense).  After warming up with the bosu here is todays workout.

  • 15 assisted squats on weight machine
  • 15 bosu crunches with medicine ball
  • 1 minute spinning
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 35 reps each arm battle ropes

I did 2 sets with a 10 minute treadmill walk at varying incline on a 3.2 speed.  Followed with some stretches.  You might have noticed I mentioned the medicine ball along with my crunches; I used an 8 pound ball and tried that new technique I’d been eyeing.

I did the same workout today as yesterday.  Oddly I am rather fond of the bosu crunches.  I was trying to help Chris do some too; I think she was trying to sit a bit to far on the bosu ball so I showed her the way I’d been shown.  I think the small of the back is supposed to hit about the center of the ball and it seems to help make the movements more controllable.

Anyway I also saw a video holding a medicine ball while doing these crunches that really intrigued me.  I tried a couple that way too and it really seems like a great move; a little more balance required.  I think I will enjoy learning more exercises on the bosu ball.  Balancing is tricky sometimes but it works some amazing muscles that don’t always get worked in everyday routines.