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Now that summer is fully upon us I’ve found less time to run but way more time to do yard work!  I am hoping stretching to pull weeds counts as some type of abdominal exercise!  The flowers I planted this spring could keep me busy everyday!

I have joined the gym again though; we’ll see how that works for me this time.  I still keep finding myself in this loop of 12 – 18 pounds above my goal weight!  I’ve been there for quite a while I just can’t seem to stick to my diet and keep my exercise as consistent as like I’d like.  Maybe all of these summer vegetables and trips to the farmers market will inspire me to get there.

In the meantime I will keep plugging away and getting out doors as much as possible.  I did finally find a sunscreen that doesn’t make me feel icky too so that helps get me moving on these hot days.  Coppertone Cleary Sheer is a great product.  I’ve always been one to hate having to put on sunscreen but I got some samples of Coppertone from BzzAgent and I have to say I really enjoy the way this feels.  Most leave behind a greasy feeling and a terrible smell but these are light and clean. So while I don’t usually advertise I have to say this one is worth mentioning as we find ourselves outside more and more!  I will really put it to the test in a few days when I go kayaking!  Love the summer fun in the sun!



I haven’t been to the gym in 5 days!  This is the longest stretch for me since we joined in August.  I have all sorts of excuses I am sure ~ but mostly I’ve just not been there.  Tomorrow, well today since it’s after midnight, I will be going.  I have made some great progress.  My last 6 week assessment had me down another 5 pounds and a bit over an inch in the waist.  I shaved a minute off of my mile test too coming in at 12:59 I was pretty sure I would die a couple of times and my heart rate was too fast but apparently I survived!

tomorrow poster

I haven’t posted for a day or two but I have been at the gym!  I’ve done a couple of fun but difficult workouts; lots of core work and strength training moves.  I actually met Chris there yesterday and we worked our way through several exercises and today I got back to some I hadn’t done in a while ~ like those captain’s chair knee lifts and back extensions.  It feels great.  I am making so much progress.  Still not seeing it but I definitely can tell with every move I make that good things are happening. It feels awesome to move through an exercise that was virtually impossible even just a few days ago.

So I made up my own workout routine today; I think I did pretty good.  It was a tough one that combined a little of everything.  I started with a bike ride to get everything going; about a 4 minute mile on the Expresso Bike.  I then moved on to some medicine ball stretches like I learned yesterday; 10 reps moving the ball side to side over head and 10 dead lift type movements.  I then moved on to my routine starting with floor exercises.

  • russian twists – 10 reps with 6# medicine ball
  • bosu plank – 20 seconds
  • bosu mountain climbers – 10 reps
  • bosu crunches with medicine ball – 15 reps with 6# medicine ball
  • wiggle worm – 10 reps

Then back to the top and repeat; I did 2 sets of this before moving on to some strength training

  • barbell squats and raises – 10
  • leg presses – 15 at 60#
  • calf extension presses – 15 at 100#
  • ball slams – 10 with 12 pound slam ball

Two sets of this as well.  I then did two sets of 15 lat pull downs at 60 pounds. Plus I decided to try that evil plank on the kettlebell and raising one arm up in a row movement.  I did 4 each arm, it wasn’t pretty but I did it!

To finish I did another mile on the Expresso Bike; this time 4 minutes and 20 seconds to do the same trail. Ten minutes cooling down on the treadmill and of course some stretches.


I have to mention too; I didn’t meet my sister at the gym today because it was her personal training day ~ I got there right as she finished up and she was smiling ear to ear.  She’d not only managed a bosu plank today but she rocked the bosu mountain climber; two weeks ago she couldn’t even get the silly bosu to balance let alone move the legs too!  …. and she tried to tell me she wasn’t seeing any progress!

I met my sister Chris at the gym today. I think she’s feeling a little frustrated with the lack of visual results so I tried to come up with everything I could think of to help her realize here efforts aren’t in vain.  She was going to do just a bike ride but I suggested we do the workout I’d been doing the past few days.  She hasn’t had a chance to work through that one yet so we did it together.  As we went I reminded her that she was making progress and in time she’d see it too.  Her energy is up, she’s making it through some tough workouts, and I don’t know if she noticed or not today but not once did she need her inhaler and it was a tough workout!

Here’s the line up of what we did today:

  • 12 wall ball squats
  • 20 seconds battle ropes
  • 15 reps “suitcases” ~ this involves 2 – 10 pound kettlebell and squats
  • 15 bosu crunches
  • 20 seconds fast feet
  • 30 seconds flutter kicks X 2

We did the wall ball squats together; I did fast feet while she did the battle ropes then we traded. After that we did the bosu crunches together, then while I did the first round of flutter kicks she did suitcases.  Round two of flutter kicks for me we did together while she did her first then I finished with suitcases while she finished the flutter kicks.  Then back to the top for a total of 3 sets.

We finished with some treadmill time and stretches.  I asked her if she was feeling better; she was.  Not to mention she’s had more energy since joining the gym and she feels a bit disappointed when she can’t make it to the gym so I know in a little more time she’ll get to see some results and she’ll realize that it’s worth it every last sweaty second of it!

I don’t think I mentioned yesterday it but my sister Chris enjoyed her personal training workout so much she signed up for some personal training time too.  She met with them yesterday for her first free session and he showed her some different exercises than I’ve learned; I can’t wait for her to show me what they are.  She has been using an inhaler for years and she has a bit of knee troubles so it can be easy to find an excuse to quit; but he pushed her to keep going even when it hurt and she thanked him today for having done so!  Pretty awesome if you ask me. She tore her knee up in an accident a few years ago and some other aches and pains to go along with. I think some general fitness will help her feel better all around. She said she told Peder today that without his motivation she would have given up yesterday when she had to reach for the inhaler but he encouraged her to continue and she felt great afterwards; well if you don’t count the screaming quadriceps!

Anyway, today I had a great workout.  They were having an open house at the gym and I’d earned some bonus bucks for some more personal training sessions!  I am not sure exactly how many I’m up to with what I purchased, what I’d gotten as a bonus for Chris signing up, and what my bonus bucks bought but I think a couple of times a month this year I should be meeting with Dustin, my personal trainer.

  • 15 reps TRX row
  • 15 reps TRX squat ~ plus I added in an arm extension overhead today
  • 2 minutes stepping on the bosu ball
  • 15 reps back extension
  • 15 reps ball slam
  • 1 mile spinning ~ I upped my speed today to an average of 2 minute 20 seconds a mile ~ about a cadence of 100

I did three reps of each breaking it down into two sections.  I need to ask Dustin if this is an effective way to workout.  I was sweating all over so I know I was doing good, but I want to make the best of my time at the gym and get some results going.  I don’t know that I look any different but I feel different.  More energy, better mood, and the strength I am gaining all make for a better me!

After reading my blog and listening to my stories my sister, Chris, asked me to take her to the gym and show her around.  After a short tour and 15 minutes on the treadmill I showed her some of the exercises I’d learned in my free training sessions. I also had her give them a little bit of a try.  I showed her some weight machines too and let her explore a bit.  A few minutes later she was taking with the folks at the gym and signing up!  I strongly encouraged her to take advantage of the free personal training sessions and I believe Tuesday she said will be her training day.

Meanwhile I did 3 sets of 3 different exercises

  • 30 count each arm with the battle ropes
  • 2 minutes fast feet
  • 15 reps knee lifts in the captain’s chair

I then did 3 miles spinning and a cool down for a bit on the treadmill.

Maybe a little smaller workout than the other days but I did spend some time showing Chris around and demonstrating a few thing.  I hope she finds the gym as enjoyable as I have so far and with any luck we can make sure we keep each other moving and motivated.  Our schedules won’t match up too many times, but we can hold each other accountable and meet there when our days off coincide.