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….and she ran

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Cardio
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I’ve never been a runner, didn’t really like the idea of running, and to be honest never really could run.  Something would hurt; usually my lungs first, then my knees, back, feet … something would join in. Truth be told though if the breathing got rough I’d just quit trying.

I woke up yesterday and I had to run / walk / move.  I’ve been having a really rough week and I decided the only way to get out of my head was to get moving.

I started off walking.  Then I ran; I did this for about 30 minutes alternating between the two. From time to time I threw in some planks and jumping jacks but mostly I walked and ran.    I am sure an avid runner would call what I was doing a mere jog and I am certain I looked ridiculous but for me it was a run and I can only assume it will get better as I go!

So off I go to try this again….justrun


Today was another workout I mapped out on my own.  I worked on the elliptical machine a bit to get my heart going; I have not quite figured out the ellipticals yet.  I am getting better at it; I did five minutes at the beginning and 5 minutes at the end today but I still find them tricky.  I don’t know if maybe I need to adjust my stride or if it’s just the way the machine works. I’ve posted today’s workout below; I am still trying to figure out what is the best to do in a day but I think at this point anything is good. I would like to make sure I mix it up and work on my “trouble spots” as I go. I don’t want to just melt fat; I’d like to work on sculpting and building muscle in the right places too.

  • Reverse crunch
  • Jumping jacks
  • Straight leg pendulums

15 of each two times.

  • Russian twist
  • Bosu running mountain climbers
  • Bosu crunches

again 15 of each twice.

  • Wiggle worms
  • Burpees
  • Kettlebell squat with lift

This time I did 15 of the wiggle worm, 6 burpees, and 10 kettlebell squat lifts ~ Two sets of each.

I started and ended with 5 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Since Charles was still going I did some work on the longpull weight machine.  I set it at 40 pounds and did 15, 10 and 10 reps.  After that some stretching and done!

I have a feeling my family might start locking their doors and hiding out so I don’t know they are home!  I stopped by my mom’s house today and she said “have you been to the gym?” …. I replied with “no, I am here to workout with you.”  So she threw on her shoes and we headed to the basement for a workout.

I sent her my walking videos last week.  I really enjoyed the Leslie Sansone videos but with no air conditioning at home I didn’t use them much in the summer and I never really ended up with a room set up for exercising anyway.

I thought I should let my arm and back muscles rest from the past few days at the gym so I intended to do a bit on the treadmill at the gym if she wasn’t home or wanting to workout.

This is a sweaty workout! 5 miles at a 15 minute mile pace.  She does some arm action and quite a bit of movement in different directions so it’s a good all over workout.  I do like the stretches at the end too; this video has a little shorter of a stretching time than some of her others; but it still gives a nice release to those worked muscles.

Tomorrow I am working all day so no gym time for me; Monday though I will be back. Chris is off work too so I will drag her along for a workout.  Like I said everybody might start locking the doors and hiding out soon!

I got up this morning not feeling too bad.  Then I looked at the stairs.  As I went for my first step I realized I’d really worked my quadriceps muscles yesterday.  That elliptical machine thingy was not perhaps the ideal place to start and forgetting to stretch afterward didn’t help but I was so shaky I didn’t even think about stretching my jello legs; I realize now they were taffy not jello!

I didn’t let this dissuade me. After getting some breakfast and tending so some housework I got Charles motivated and away to the gym we went.

1+ mile on the treadmill and 60 reps on that same chest and upper arm weight machine I used yesterday ~ I worked up to 50 pounds for my last 20 reps.  I even remembered to breathe and exhale today while I lifted!

Not feeling too bad; however sitting, squatting, and walking down stairs are tedious chores!

I decide one of those elliptical / peddler / stepper machines would be a great place to start, or at least I think that’s what I was on.  I of course stand on one and have no idea where to start.  I did manage to turn the tv on and change a channel but that was as far as it would go so I try a different one.  This one didn’t have a tv; as far as I could tell nothing worked.  So I summon the courage to walk over to one of the staff to ask how it works. It’s always awkward asking for help but even more embarrassing to stand on a machine next to people working out and staying still while looking confused.

Well here is where the fun began.  The man shows me his favorite machine and tells me to get on the one next to him.  I step on the lower foot platform and get my leg on the upper.  He says to bring them to level; sounds easy but now my right leg is moving backwards and my left is still up. “Just put your weight on the upper leg” he says and it will balance; sure it will I am thinking.  So after a few seconds of wobbling I get everything level.  Now to step up and down; again he makes it sound and look easy.  I get some shaky steps in and he begins moving forward and back in a gliding / peddling type motion with his arms moving too.  Upon his instructions I give this a try.  I get a bit of movement in but then I am stepping up and down again with an occasional slide back.  He tells me to just keep working; don’t try to over think it; it will happen and away he goes.  So I keep moving and suddenly I get some great peddling type motion going only to find I am peddling backwards!

I finally get some forward and up and down motions going again and I look at the time only to find I’ve been going for about 5 minutes; it feels more like 30.  I try to make it to 10 but I cannot so after 7 or 8 minutes I step off and begin walking around and drinking more water; my legs are like jello.  I have Charles try out the machine while I spend some time on the treadmill.  I spent about 45 minutes at the gym today but maybe 17 minutes working out on the cardio equipment.  I did 40 reps on a weight machine for the chest and shoulders ~ 20 at 20 pounds and 20 at 30 pounds.  I am sure it wasn’t the most effective workout but it was a start and a bigger workout than the one I had the day before!