Me ~ The starting point

I am Kimberly; my husband Charles and I married in 1996.

We do everything together; in August 2012 we joined the gym.

Just for fun; no ultimate goals at this time besides getting fit for me.

He’s talked of it for years but I always just dismissed it.

On August  7th we took the first step and joined for a year.  Can’t wait to see what happens.

This is me on August 14th 2012

August 2012

As of August 14,2012 my body fat is at 40+% and should be about 21%.  I am 37 and weigh 220 pounds; apparently I’ve shrunk and am only 5′ 7″.  According to this gizmo he programmed my age, weight, and height into, my body fat is 80+ pounds ….. of course you need some body fat.

I thought I would make it easy on myself and just go ahead and take my after picture now.

Before ~~~~~~~~~~~~ After

I think my after picture looks great!


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