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Now that summer is fully upon us I’ve found less time to run but way more time to do yard work!  I am hoping stretching to pull weeds counts as some type of abdominal exercise!  The flowers I planted this spring could keep me busy everyday!

I have joined the gym again though; we’ll see how that works for me this time.  I still keep finding myself in this loop of 12 – 18 pounds above my goal weight!  I’ve been there for quite a while I just can’t seem to stick to my diet and keep my exercise as consistent as like I’d like.  Maybe all of these summer vegetables and trips to the farmers market will inspire me to get there.

In the meantime I will keep plugging away and getting out doors as much as possible.  I did finally find a sunscreen that doesn’t make me feel icky too so that helps get me moving on these hot days.  Coppertone Cleary Sheer is a great product.  I’ve always been one to hate having to put on sunscreen but I got some samples of Coppertone from BzzAgent and I have to say I really enjoy the way this feels.  Most leave behind a greasy feeling and a terrible smell but these are light and clean. So while I don’t usually advertise I have to say this one is worth mentioning as we find ourselves outside more and more!  I will really put it to the test in a few days when I go kayaking!  Love the summer fun in the sun!